Sarah Mitchell, Efficiency NS

Session #4 – Panel on Efficiencies

  • Sarah Mitchell, Efficiency NS
  • Scott Garinther, NB Power

As a Business Development Manager with Efficiency Nova Scotia, Sarah assists small and large industrial customers as they undertake energy-saving projects and retrofits on equipment or processes that use electrical energy. Focused on improving efficiencies in compressed air systems, Sarah helps customers find low-cost energy savings by arranging complimentary compressed air leak surveys.  These surveys, paired with additional assessments, can help customers find even deeper savings.

Sarah completed a Bachelor in International Development with a concentration on the biophysical environment at the University of Guelph, and then later studied Construction Management at NSCC. She has a strong interest in the environmental impacts of our production and consumption patterns, and is excited to be a part of an industry that has a positive effect on communities, economies, and the environment..

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